ICAS Supports Open the Cages Tour!

The Open the Cages Tour is a grassroots initiative that will hit the West Coast this summer – mixing activism, music and film. The tour was inspired by the Primate Freedom Tours of the 1990’s and will feature the music of Mike XVX and Garbageface – alongside the release of the documentary film – Maximum Tolerated Dose, as well as, demonstrations against animal use at each stop.

The Institute for Critical Animal Studies has donated to this tour and we encourage individual members to do the same. The vision of this tour – radical grassroots organizing connecting various issues of animal use and social justice – is completely in step with ours. We wish Mike and Karol the best of luck on their travels and are jealous for those who will be able to take part on the West Coast.

For more information on the tour and their schedule check out their website as well a recent interview with Mike XVX about the tour over at Profane Existence.