2014 North American Conference for Critical Animal Studies


The 13th Annual North American Conference for Critical Animal Studies is being held at Rice University in Houston, TX April 11th – 13th, 2014. About 350-400 national and international scholars, activists, and scholar-activists generally attend this conference each year. This conference merges academic and activist insight, with presentations from scholar-activists and grassroots organizers alike. Check out this year’s schedule to see the amazing talks we have to offer.


The conference costs $60 to attend. ICAS members receive a $10 discount and you can become a member while filling out the conference registration form. There is also a $10 discount for students and people who are unemployed. If cost is a prohibiting factor in attending please contact us. We offer a limited number of volunteer space for people who are willing to work at the conference in exchange for admission.

All conference attendees will receive a travel mug to keep and for use at the conference. Please note that this effort is done to run the event in a waste-free manner so we will not be providing cups throughout the conference. Attendees will also receive two lunches as well as coffee, tea, fruits, vegetables, and other snacks throughout. All hospitality will be vegan and cruelty-free. Please indicate any allergies you have when registering for the conference. Attendees will also receive a welcome packet and will be invited to organized get-togethers at the conference hotel at night.


While all presentations, talks, etc will be taking place on Rice University’s campus the official conference hotel is the Wyndham Medical Center Hotel & Suites, which is walking distance from campus. Registration and some social events will be scheduled to take place at the Wyndham. They have secure our group a rate of $109.00 a night. You can make reservations by either calling the hotel directly at 713-577-1230 and asking for the “Critical Animal Studies” group rate of by booking online at http://www.wyndham.com/groupevents2013/47155_CLINICALANIMALSTUDIES/main.wnt.

For those not staying at the hotel there will be registration taking place at the conference as well. However, we encourage you to join us at the conference hotel for our receptions. Additional hotel information will be coming soon.


We offer a variety of levels of sponsorship for organizations and individuals looking to work in coalition with ICAS. To learn more about becoming a sponsor click here. To see our current list of sponsors click here.


We will be running the conference as waste-free as absolutely possible. We ask attendees to ensure they use designated recycling bins and compost bags whenever possible. There will be some garbage cans available but we ask people to try and refrain from using them or bringing anything into the conference that needs to be thrown away.


The Conference for Critical Animal Studies promotes a safer space in which all must feel welcome, supported, and secure. No one should endorse or tolerate racism, sexism, anti-LGBTQIA sentiments, ableism, speciesism, or any other kind of oppressive behavior. In kind, this conference is a vegan space, and all should refrain from consuming or wearing animal products while taking part.

In addition, all rooms and bathrooms are accessible and anyone can come and go as they wish from room to room. Please avoid wearing fragrances or strong scents, as the odors may cause allergic reactions. If you have any requests for assistance please indicate them when registering for the conference. (We understand this conference is not fully inclusive because of cost, but we do want to address these issues as they are needed to confront ableism).


Critical animal studies is a field that promotes total liberation and explores the ways in which oppression intersects amongst human animals, nonhuman animals, and the environment. This year’s special theme is Breaking the Silence on Global and Local Intersections of Ethnicity, Spirituality, and Nonhuman Animals.

The Institute for Critical Animal Studies (ICAS) is a fully volunteer non-profit organization that is dedicated to the liberation of human and nonhuman animals, as well as to the end of environmental destruction. We are also an intersectional organization interested in coalition building and exposing of the interconnectedness of all oppressions.